Tea Ideas: Gifts for Tea Lovers

Tea Ideas

Tea Ideas
Do you have a friend who claims to drink tea often, but you don’t know what to get them? Here’s a list of great tea ideas and tips!

  • Loose Leaf Tea --> this is the easiest thing to get your friends. If you know they love tea, you can’t go wrong with the Front Porch Special (our traditional southern blend of black tea with jasmine and spearmint for a special flavor). If you want something festive, our Holiday Flavors are the way to go. For winter, we offer Cherry Christmas (a black tea with a light cherry and almond flavor) and caffeine free Mistletoe Grove (a green rooibos with a hint of apple and spearmint).
    If you know they have caffeine issues, a good tisane will be perfect. Tisanes are fruit or herbal blends with no true tea leaves in them, therefore, no caffeine! My favorite tisanes are: Briar Patch Brew (fruity and full of berries), Piper Mint Blues (the peppermint in this minty blend is great for soothing stomachs or bloating), and Healing Honeysuckle (the echinacea is great for allergies or colds; pair this with some local honey from your farmers’ market and you’re good to go!).

Tea Ideas Loose Leaf Tea

  • Tea Ball --> If your friend who loves tea usually drinks their tea from a box (where the tea typically comes in a tea bag), they will probably need something to strain their loose leaf tea. Tea balls are a perfect choice! There are other tea ideas you can give for brewing tea (kettle, tea dripper, strainer), but I find that the tea ball is most convenient. If you’re making one serving, and don’t want to wait for the water to boil, you can pop your mug into the microwave for a quick heat and then drop your tea ball (with 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea) in the hot water and steep for the recommended time.

Tea Ideas Loose Leaf Tea

  • Beginner Gift Bag --> If you can’t decide between loose leaf or a tea ball, why not get them both? This gift bag also comes with a pint jar, for their iced tea, and it is the perfect size to fit in a car cup holder. The gift set will let you pick what flavor of loose leaf tea goes in it, and there are so many flavors to choose from!

Tea Ideas Loose Leaf

  • Tea of the Month Club --> If this friend is a complete tea addict like you think they are, the best tea idea is the gift of tea shipped to their door every month! It’s the ultimate tea-lover gift, and it will remind them of you all year long (maybe they’ll share some tea too, if you’re lucky).

For more tea ideas for accessories and gift sets, check out our Shop page at PiperAndLeaf.com



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