Immune-Boosting Teas

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Maintaining a Strong Immune System with Adaptogens

A strong immune system is important for staying healthy. A good immune response will help you fight off illnesses quickly. You should always try to eat right, sleep well, and exercise to help your body maintain a strong immune response. You can also give your system a little boost with supplements! Some of the best herbal supplements that support your immune system are vitamins (especially Vitamin C) and adaptogens.

“Adaptogen” was first used and recorded in 1947 by Lazarev; found that certain herbs increase resistance to stress. Adaptogens are generally used to help balance hormones. Adaptogenic herbs have been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. *This information should not be taken as a suggestion to discontinue or refuse conventional treatments. While adaptogens cause minimal side effects compared to pharmaceuticals, several can interact with medications. Please consult a Qualified Medical Professional before starting any supplement regimen. Some adaptogens are not recommended for people with specific health conditions.

There are a lot of adaptogens (like really – a LOT) ranging from herbs to spices to berries. And we use a lot of adaptogens in many of our blends! Some of our favorites include green tea, holy basil (also known as ‘tulsi’), turmeric, licorice root, echinacea, rosemary, and blueberries!

Boosting Your Immune System with Tea!

Please note: mega-dosing on supplements, immune boosters, etc. is unlikely to lower your risk of catching COVID-19 (or any other coronavirus). However, a strong immune system may shorten the duration or severity of your illness.

  • Golden Hour Tonic
    • Caffeine-Free Tisane
    • Ginger, turmeric, & citrus all help boost your immune system! Plus ginger helps soothe the stomach, so it’s a nice option for nausea or other digestive issues too
  • Healing Honeysuckle
    • Caffeine-Free Tisane 
    • Echinacea, ginger, orange, & chamomile all provide an immune boost. Plus the echinacea and tulsi (holy basil) assist in reducing fever, sore throat, and cough!
A Piper & Leaf quart jar of iced Golden Hour Tonic shines in the light of a sunrise over the mountains
A girl in a thick sweater holds a mug of Piper & Leaf tea for warmth
  • Piper Mint Blues
    • Caffeine-Free Tisane
    • Berries and ginger help with immune health. Plus all the mints provide a strong aroma that many find soothing for a sore throat or cough!
  • Springdrop Spritzer – spring seasonal (Mar-May)
    • Lightly Caffeinated Green Tea
    • Green tea, rosemary, and lemon are all good immune-boosting ingredients! Plus rosemary helps reduce stress, so it may soothe the mind as well

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