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Sweet Dixie Colada Mocktail

A refreshing beverage to keep you cool during the summer heat wave. Since Sweet Dixie is caffeine-free, this mocktail is a beverage the whole family can enjoy! Mix up a batch on a hot Saturday afternoon so you can stay relaxed and enjoy the sun. This recipe makes one 16oz drink, so use your pint jar if you’re in the P&L spirit! Follow along with this video or keep scrolling to read the recipe down below. Dixie Colada Mocktail Recipe: Add 8 ounces of ice to your cup (or jar)  Add 2 ounces of Sweet Dixie concentrated tea (if you don’t know how to make concentrate, check out our brewing 101 here!*) Add 2 ounces of coconut milk  Add 4 ounces of sparkling...

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