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Winter Tea Recipes

Special-tea Winter Drinks Before our favorite seasonals leave for the year, I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas tea recipes with you! These cheery Christmas drinks use our winter blends (Cherry Christmas and Mistletoe Grove) so they're perfect to capture a last taste of the holidays before we start easing our way towards Valentine's, then March, then warmer weather. Reminisce on winter for a few days more with your family by sharing a specialty drink or two! Cherry Christmas Cocoa This drink is exactly what you need on a cold and windy winter day. Wrap up in a soft blanket and sip on a mug of this creamy cocoa, richly flavored with the berry-amaretto notes of our seasonal...

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Valentine's Tea Recipes

ValenTEA Drinks We have two amazing Valentine's tea recipes to share with you! Whether you're having a whole-family Tea Party for Valentine's Day or a more intimate Tea for Two, you can use these drinks to make it special for your loved ones. Both beverages feature our seasonal Velvet Bliss, which is full of the sweet taste of chocolate-dipped strawberries combined with the richness of black tea and a little bit of spice. Sip on a Valentine's flavor like never before! Velvet Bliss Recipes For these awesome drink recipes, you'll need to get some of our incredible Velvet Bliss tea and brew it into Concentrated Tea using the famous Piper Process. If you've already got one of our brew kits...

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