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Clean and Restore Metal Straws

How to properly scrub your reusable straws clean and our tips to polish and restore the stainless steel. Plus extra advice for why the dishwasher isn't always a great idea for cleaning your straws. Read, learn, and get your metal straws nice and shiny again!

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Dye Fabric with Tea

My Tea-Dye Experience I wanted to do one last fun summer project before the cold weather of fall really starts to hit. Since I love the experience of tie dye and I love our tea, I decided to combine my favorite things! Dying fabric with tea is super fun and smells amazing! Unlike standard dyes, tea results in gentle pastel colors for a softer look. When I started researching for this project, the guides I found for using tea as a dye were interesting, but didn’t seem very fun. The method was always to dump a bunch of loose leaf into a bowl of boiling water, stick the fabric in, and then leave it to soak. While this seemed to...

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