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What's Your Tea Name?

We have so many unique artisan tea blends - each with a cute name! If you were a Piper & Leaf tea, what would you be called? Use your initials and birth month in this little chart to find out your tea name! Share the fun with your friends and put your result in the comments down below so everyone can enjoy. (p.s. I am Ginger Honeysuckle Bliss. Sounds delicious to me!)

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What's Your Personali-TEA?

Every one of our teas has its own unique vibes, so we matched them up with different personality types! Take this fun quiz to find out which classic Piper & Leaf blend matches your personality. Then with one click you can read more about that tea or share the result with your friends! What tea are YOU? And feel free to leave a comment down below to share your thoughts on my quiz. I'd be thrilled!

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Dye Fabric with Tea

My Tea-Dye Experience I wanted to do one last fun summer project before the cold weather of fall really starts to hit. Since I love the experience of tie dye and I love our tea, I decided to combine my favorite things! Dying fabric with tea is super fun and smells amazing! Unlike standard dyes, tea results in gentle pastel colors for a softer look. When I started researching for this project, the guides I found for using tea as a dye were interesting, but didn’t seem very fun. The method was always to dump a bunch of loose leaf into a bowl of boiling water, stick the fabric in, and then leave it to soak. While this seemed to...

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