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Best Tea Before Bed

Tea Before Bed For many people, a nighttime cup of tea is their favored way to relax and wind down the day. A soothing cup can be the perfect way to prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep… just make sure to choose the right kind of tea! Read this guide to herbal teas to find the best tea before bed that will suit your sleep needs. Tisanes, Herbal Teas, and Fruit Infusions Tisanes, which can also be called herbal teas or fruit infusions, are a blend of herbs, flowers, fruits, and/or spices brewed using the same methods as tea. These ‘herbal teas’ are not true teas, since they don’t contain any part of the camelia sinensis plant (aka the...

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Recipe for Mint Tea

Making Your Own Mint Tea Want to try making your own mint tea? Maybe you have a spearmint plant that’s taken over your garden or perhaps you are itching to brew something delicious from scratch. Either way, you can easily make fresh mint tea at home! All you need are fresh leaves, hot water, and a couple of extra ingredients so your brew will have a bit of complexity. We recommend a little bit of honey and lemon juice! Recipe for Mint Tea Ingredients: 2 sprigs of fresh spearmint (about 15 leaves) 2 cups of filtered water splash of lemon juice (optional) 1 teaspoon of local honey or simple syrup (optional) Brewing Steps: Boil 2 cups of filtered water and...

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