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What's Your Tea Name?

We have so many unique artisan tea blends - each with a cute name! If you were a Piper & Leaf tea, what would you be called? Use your initials and birth month in this little chart to find out your tea name! Share the fun with your friends and put your result in the comments down below so everyone can enjoy. (p.s. I am Ginger Honeysuckle Bliss. Sounds delicious to me!)

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What's Your Personali-TEA?

Every one of our teas has its own unique vibes, so we matched them up with different personality types! Take this fun quiz to find out which classic Piper & Leaf blend matches your personality. Then with one click you can read more about that tea or share the result with your friends! What tea are YOU? And feel free to leave a comment down below to share your thoughts on my quiz. I'd be thrilled!

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Boba vs Bubble Tea

Boba Tea & Bubble Tea... What's The Difference? How are boba tea and bubble tea different? This is a tricky question because, well, they aren't! Bubble tea, a popular beverage that originated in Taiwan, is known by many names. Bubble tea can be called ‘pearl milk tea,’ 'boba tea,' ‘tapioca tea,’ or simply 'boba.' The name most popularly used for this drink will vary in different regions. The good news is that no matter what you call it (tapioca tea vs boba vs bubble tea... etc) you will still get the same basic drink! Bubble Tea 101 Bubble tea/boba tea is typically a rich milk tea that contains chewy balls of tapioca (called ‘boba’ or ‘pearls’), which provides a fun...

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