BREWING Concentrated Tea with the Piper Press

  1. Pour 1 full muslin bag of loose leaf (35 grams) into the Piper Press.
  2. Pour freshly boiled water up to the fill line (28oz)
  3. Set a timer for the blend’s steeping time and stir. Then place lid lightly on top. (Quick Reference Steeping Guide)
  4. When the timer sounds, slowly push down the screen part of the lid, then pour concentrate into an empty quart jar. 
  5. Let cool a bit, then seal the jar with a solid gold lid and it will be ready to store! 


Concentrated Tea will stay fresh in your refrigerator for up to 3 weeks! It may change color or become cloudy once it has cooled, especially blends that contain black tea. This is just fine! The tannins in the tea are what cause this change. It is also perfectly normal if the Concentrated Tea begins to settle or separate – simply shake or stir well before using it.

Mixing Ratio:

1oz Concentrated Tea + 7oz of Water = 8oz of Piper & Leaf Tea

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