Piper & Leaf press kit
Pressing down the Piper Press to strain the brewed tea
Piper Mini Measure - a tiny glass measuring cup with a little handle. Up to 70 milliliters or 2.5oz
Pouring freshly brewed tea from a Piper Press into a Piper & Leaf quart jar
Valentine's Day Piper Press Brew Kit contents: Velvet Bliss & Strawberry Shindig
Pouring concentrated tea into a measuring cup to make a mug of hot tea

Piper Press Brew Kit

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This Brew Kit has everything you need to brew concentrated tea at home using our brand new Piper Press device.

Concentrated tea can be used to make hot tea, iced tea, specialty drinks, and more! Concentrated tea is our favorite way to brew because of its ease and versatility. And now we’ve made it easier than ever for you to brew at home with this awesome tea press!


This kit has everything you need to get started:

- A Piper Press (for brewing)
- A quart jar, a solid lid, and a pour spout lid (for storing and pouring)
- Two Essential Bags of loose leaf tea (to get you started on your brewing)
- A Piper Mini Measure (for measuring and mixing)
- A pint jar, a drinking lid, a metal straw, and a straw cleaning brush (for mixing and drinking)
- An instructional Brew Guide to brewing Concentrated Tea with your new tea press (and some awesome mixing recipes)!


Want to brew like a real professional Piperista and have tea shop quality tea at home? Learn the Piper Process with our Deluxe Piper Brew Kit! The deluxe kit teaches you the exact same method of brewing that our shop Piperistas learn.

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