A 3 pack of mason jar pour spout lids
A 3 pack of mason jar pour spout lids
A pour spout lid. Fits on pint-size and quart-size mason jars for easy pouring & serving

Easy Pour Spout Lids for Mason Jar - 3 Pack

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A three pack of our favorite pour spouts for our signature drinking jars! Fits on both mason jar sizes – quart and pint.

These lids are perfect if you brew concentrated tea (using our Piper Process) for an easy, mess-free serving. Just put a spout lid on your jar of concentrated tea and you can easily pour into a measuring cup when you’re ready to mix up a glass!

Also great for simple syrup, other beverages, dressings, homemade syrups, and more!

Overall a perfect addition to your Piper addiction. 🙂

*Jars not included

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