Tisane Tumbler (with built-in tea strainer) resting by a campfire
Piper & Leaf bamboo Tisane Tumbler showing the sip-through inner basket strainer
A baby enjoys tea out of a Tisane Tumbler with his family
Piper & Leaf bamboo Tisane Tumbler and instruction box
A woman preparing chalk for a climb next to a Piper & Leaf Fjällräven Kånken and Tisane Tumbler
Piper & Leaf bamboo Tisane Tumbler - Briar Patch Brew berry motif engraved with blackberries, flowers, and leaves
Piper & Leaf bamboo Tisane Tumbler - Trail Blazer woodsy design engraved with pinecones and evergreen needles

Tisane Tumbler

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These stylish tumblers are perfect for any tisane lover! Each laser-engraved bamboo tumbler contains a drink-through strainer so you can steep and enjoy your hot tisanes with no hassle. Simply fill the tumbler with hot water, scoop loose leaf of your favorite blend into the strainer, and off you go to start your day!

Because our caffeine-free tisanes have no tea leaves in them, they won’t become bitter from over-steeping. That means this tumbler is an awesome and easy way to enjoy your favorite tisane all day long. But that doesn’t mean the tumbler isn’t versatile! The basket makes it easy to brew any tea blend – tisane or not.


We have two beautiful designs for our tumblers:

  • Briar Patch Brew motif --- decorated with delicious-looking berries
  • Trailblazer Blend design --- displaying woodsy twigs, fir branches, and pinecones

16.9oz | 500mL
18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel
Hand Wash Only

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