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Tea Subscription

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Sign up to receive artisan tea delivered to your door on a regular basis! Each 'Tea of the Month' delivery is a surprise, so this is a wonderful way to try many different Piper & Leaf blends over time.


Here's how to sign up:

  1. First choose if you prefer tea bags or loose leaf
  2. Then pick your blend preference: you can get all caffeine-free, only caffeinated blends, or variety (which is a mix of both)
  3. Next you'll choose how often you'd like your tea delivered - we recommend every month if you're a regular tea drinker
  4. Lastly, you select the quantity! This determines how many muslin bags of tea you will receive each delivery. One bag is 9 servings (for tea bags) or 15 servings (loose leaf), so if your family drinks tea daily you may want 3 or more bags delivered every month
  5. Check out and enjoy the tea

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