The Teaser Tumbler Gift Set: a P&L tisane tumbler with six sample-sized teaser bags of loose leaf
Piper & Leaf bamboo Tisane Tumbler showing the sip-through inner basket strainer
Piper & Leaf bamboo Tisane Tumbler - both engraved patterns side by side (woodsy design & berry motif)

Teaser Tumbler Gift Set

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Perfect for any tea lover, novice or expert! This gift comes with a Piper & Leaf bamboo tisane tumbler (which has a built-in tea strainer) and a collection of six different sample-sized loose leaf teas. This set is a wonderful introduction to a variety of our amazing blends. Our tumblers come in two different designs, each with a built-in strainer for easy brewing!


Tumbler Designs:
Briar Patch Brew motif: decorated with delicious-looking berries
Trailblazer Blend design: displaying woodsy twigs, fir branches, and pine cones

Don't forget to choose your blend varieTEA!
Classic Blends: Front Porch Special, Orchard Peach, Sassyfras Strawberry, Golden Hour Tonic, Lemon Berry Blush, & Briar Patch Brew
Caffeine-Free Tisanes: Sweetie Pie Chai, Strawberry Shindig, Briar Patch Brew, Piper Mint Blues, Healing Honeysuckle, & Orchard Peach
Unique Brews: Chocola-Tea, Golden Hour Tonic, Capri Cream, Piper Mint Blues, Monks Meditation, & Old Fashioned Birthday Cake
Dessert Teas: Old Fashioned Birthday Cake, Sweetie Pie Chai, Summertime Chai, Briar Patch Brew, Chocola-Tea, & Capri Cream

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Beautiful and delicious. Thank you!