Pom Pearadise glass jar of loose leaf
a pile of loose leaf next to a cup of brewed tea - Pom Pearadise
Two glass jars of loose leaf (Pom Pearadise)

Pom Pearadise Glass Jar of Loose Leaf Tea - 30 Servings

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This Nilgiri black tea base is blended with a delightful combination of pears and lovely herbs. The first taste is sweet and fruity, layered with the subdued finish of lime leaves and lemongrass. This blend is incredibly refreshing and will have you hooked. Each sip of Pom Pearadise is the first ray of sunshine breaking through a rainy day.

Ingredients: Nilgiri Black Tea, Pears, Lemongrass, Organic Flavor, Lime Leaves
Brew at 212 degrees for 3 minutes

This lovely glass jar holds 70 grams - enough loose leaf to make over 30 servings of delicious tea.

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