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Our stomping grounds are in North Alabama, but you can find us in a growing number of areas across America!


We work with lots of fantastic businesses making it easy to keep our tea close by. Some places carry our loose leaf tea, others offer full service iced and hot tea service, including jar refills!


Also, if you are in the North Alabama and Lower Tennessee area, you can find us at dozens of farmers markets, festivals, and events every week! Head over to our Facebook page to get updates on where we will be.


We have two brick and mortar locations. Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment is home to our 1st shop and is where we do most all the production, shipping, and other fun stuff.

P&L X LOWE MILL: 2211 Seminole Dr. SW, Huntsville AL 35805. Hours: 9a-9p(Mon-Thur) 9a-10p(Fri-Sat) 256-929-9404

Piper & Leaf X Strong Station is our newest shop located in Madison AL and where we bake delicious pastries from scratch, and wash/chop/dry whatever produce we don’t have room for at Lowe Mill.

P&L X STRONG STATION: 7504 A4 HWY 72 W, Madison AL 35758. Hours: 9a-10p(Mon-Sat) 256-929-8887

P&L X WOODLAWN: 5363 1st Ave N, Birmingham AL, 35212. Coming Soon! Stay tuned for details on our first Birmingham location!


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