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Tue, Mar 01, 2022
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The Catering and Events Manager is responsible for role modeling and coaching in the joyful delivery of high-quality service while creating meaningful connections with customers, other vendors, and co-workers. This is a fast paced position that involves consistent customer and staff interaction and the ability to adapt quickly to change while making timely, thoughtful decisions. The Catering and Events Manager coordinates and manages products, services, and finances as well as managing and leading staff. Being an integral part of building and expanding positive public relations in the Huntsville and surrounding areas is an important part of this position. The Catering and Events Manager is a passionate and helpful liaison between local customers and the various Piper and Leaf departments. Also responsible for assisting the farm sales manager with every aspect of the catering department. The catering specialist reports to the farm sales manager.

Key Responsibilities: Responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following:  


  • Coordinate catering and event details. This includes identifying event guidelines and coordinating the production and preparation of event materials, needed staff, and monies. Communicate event details and responsibilities to staff to ensure smooth flow of teamwork and operations. 
  • Schedule staff according to current job description requirements and company event calendar.  
  • Maintain inventory of products, which requires regular documentation and communication with the Operations Department. 
  • Maintain and update the company event calendar. Coordinate with other departments regarding overlapping events and logistics.  
  • Coordinate maintenance and scheduling of vehicles with PiperNet. 
  • Anticipate obstacles and take action to prevent or minimize their impact. 


  • Supervise and guide staff in event procedures. Ensure quality product and presentation, loading and unloading vehicles, setting up and tearing down is done properly, and all workspaces are kept clean, organized and sanitized. 
  • Train, observe and guide staff in Piper and Leaf’s standards of customer service skills. Most of this training will take place at events, but will also include additional workshops and individual training sessions. 
  • Keep vehicles, warehouse, coolers, tables, and all company resources clean, organized, and accounted for.  
  • Maintain and report monies and resources. This includes following company policies for money handling, securing monies, purchases, making scheduled and additional needed deposits, cash flow reports, inventory reports, supplies, tools, and efficient allocation of monies and resources.    
  • Ensure event licenses are available and displayed as required. 
  • Ensure all brewing is done to standard and in time for upcoming events. 
  • Manage and participate in rotating and packing supplies to meet event needs. 
  • Communicate with supervisory team about operational issues, observations, insights, and suggestions. 
  • Collaborate with the Human Resources Department on employee performance plans, promotion possibilities, staffing needs/plans, and conflict resolution and employee action plans.  
  • Discreetly, respectfully, and promptly handle employee issues and concerns according to policy. 
  • Lead regular staff meetings and additional meetings as needed.   
  • Follow, demonstrate, encourage, and enforce the Piper and Leaf Code of Conduct. 
  • Ensure adherence to applicable wage and hour laws for staff. 

 Public Relations Liaison:

  • Cultivate and foster positive local connections with clients, potential clients, vendors, and businesses. This involves maintaining a professional image at all times through actions and appearance, handling customer and staff complaints while maintaining a positive attitude and smile, having a calm demeanor during periods of high volume or unusual events, and proactively engaging and cultivating relationships with the community at Piper and Leaf events and community events and gatherings.  
  • Assist and serve as a bridge in communication as the Piper and Leaf representative between the local community and Piper and Leaf departments. Directing customers to the proper department managers, contacting managers, and/or following up will assist in cultivating excellent customer relationships.    


  • Research and develop ways to improve company efficiency and productivity. This includes all areas of company systems and procedures, customer service, events, staffing, product, sales, and wholesale. 
  • Drive the implementation of company programs by developing action plans and directly motivating and instructing the staff team to meet objectives.  
  • Utilize management information tools and analyze financial reports to identify and address trends and issues in efficiency and performance.  
  • Research leads and options for possible event opportunities.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Ability to independently execute responsibilities with minor supervision and direction is imperative.  
  • Must be able to follow verbal and written instructions. 
  • Must be able to set priorities and work under pressure. 
  • Must be able to multi-task and plan several events simultaneously. 
  • Effective and concise interpersonal and communication skills, both orally and in writing are required. 
  • Knowledge and proficiency with the company resources is required. 
  • Ability to adapt quickly to change and make timely, thoughtful decisions.  
  • Strong supervisory, team building, and leadership skills, with the ability to coach and mentor is essential.

Availability Requirements:

  • 40 hours weekly  
  • Available to work flexible hours that may include early morning, evenings, weekends, nights and/or holidays to complete scheduling, labor, and responsibility needs. 
  • Available to attend and participate at meetings required for position 

 Physical Requirements:

  • Standing/walking during shift 
  • Pushing, pulling, lifting, or carrying up to 60 lbs 
  • Ascending/descending ladders, stairs, & ramps 
  • Register/POS and bar equipment usage 
  • Rotation & use of the wrist/s, spine, & upper extremities to perform duties 
  • Reaching, turning, & precision work around bar area & hot equipment 
  • Receiving and sharing of detailed information that must be remembered & accurately processed through aural & written communication 
  • Distinguishing, with a degree of accuracy, differences or similarities, in intensity or quality, of flavors/odors 
  • Clarity of vision at near/far distances 
  • Lifting/transporting hot items, interacting with heated equipment, steam, hot wash water, loud noise, chemicals and other at risk conditions 
  • Food processing and other duties with use of power-driven machines and/or sharp cutting tools 
  • Warehousing and storage environment/duties
  • Driving of company vehicles and use of pallet jack 
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