Production Assistant

The Production Assistant is responsible for assisting the appropriate department manager with a variety of jobs related to the production, fulfillment, preparation, creation and delivery of Piper & Leaf products. The Production Assistant reports and works directly with the Production Manager.

Essential Functions: 

  • Arrives on time for all scheduled shifts, meetings, and classes 
  • Assists with all daily tasks 
  • Ensures proper atmosphere is maintained in regards to the cleanliness and safety of the Farm work area. 
  • Passes and maintains certifications and training requirements 
  • Knows and adheres to all safety and sanitation measures 
  • Assists the Production Manager with cleaning and maintaining all screen printing storage, equipment and fixtures 
  • Prepares artwork on computer and prints screens 
  • Follows the correct procedures for preparing screens, coating and exposing 
  • Attends and participates in Farm huddles and meetings   
  • Responsible for accurate counting and recording 
  • Handles sensitive information professionally and confidentially 
  • Communicates with supervisory team about operational issues, observations, insights, and suggestions 
  • Prints bags, shirts, boxes, and everything else we can think of 

The Success Patterns and Characteristics for this position are: 

  • Great problem solving skills, especially in-the-moment 
  • Follows, demonstrates, encourages, and enforces the Piper & Leaf Code of Conduct 
  • An outgoing personality who can create and build energy around them 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • Willingness to be coached and corrected; desire for self improvement 
  • Passionate about great beverages, a great experience, and great service 
  • High level of interest in learning about food, beverages, people, and business 
  • Possesses strong interpersonal skills and able to work easily with diverse people and groups 
  • Willingness to work multiple roles and locations to see Piper & Leaf succeed 
  • Able to follow a variety of leadership and management styles and techniques 
  • Organized and precise, with an attention to detail. 

Physical Demands 

  • Bending, stooping, walking, and standing for long periods at a time 
  • Must be able to safely relocate up to 50 lbs. possibly requiring pushing, pulling, lifting, or carrying   
  • Going up/down stairs, ramps, ladders, and in/out of high vehicles multiples times  
  • Usage of register/POS and bar equipment 
  • Frequent rotation & use of the wrist/s, spine, & upper extremities to perform duties 
  • Frequent reaching, turning, & precision work around bar area & hot equipment 
  • Frequent receiving and sharing of detailed information that must be remembered & accurately processed and communicated 
  • Distinguishing, with a degree of accuracy, differences or similarities, in intensity or quality, of flavors/odors and need clarity of vision at near/far distances 
  • Lifting/transporting hot items, interacting with heated equipment, steam, hot wash water, loud noise, chemicals and other at risk conditions 
  • Food processing and duties with use of power-driven machines and/or sharp cutting tools 
  • Working with and around various herbs and fruits, dairy products, and tree nuts 
  • Warehousing and storage environment/duties 
  • Occasional use of pallet jack 

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