What is the Piper Process?

The Piper Process is Piper & Leaf’s signature method for making tea. We begin by brewing Concentrated Tea that is then used to make each iced jar, hot cup, or gallon of ready-to-drink deliciousness!

Essentially, Concentrated Tea is just tea that has been brewed extra, extra, extra strong – about eight times stronger than a normal cup. The basics of the process involved using a LOT more loose leaf in way less water.

Once it’s been prepared, you simply mix a little bit of Concentrated Tea with water (and sugar if you like) and you’ll have a ready-to-drink cup of tea in under a minute! It’s the perfect way for to enjoy a fresh cup of tea any time and any day no matter how busy you usually are.

Pouring hot water from a yellow kettle into a Tea Dripper full of loose leaf tea
Pouring concentrated tea from a measuring cup into a mug

This is a fantastic and flexible system because you can mix the Concentrated Tea with hot water for hot tea, mix with cold water for iced tea, and easily make each cup different based on your preferences. Make your tea as sweet (or unsweet) as you like. Add a little extra Concentrated Tea if you prefer your tea extra strong. Add milk, creamer, or whipped cream to your tea to make it extra rich. Mix two different Concentrated Teas into the same drink to create a fun combination of flavors.

There are so many ways to make a cup of tea – experiment, taste-test, and find YOUR way with our Piper Process!

The Piper Process Brew Kit. Includes: Glass Tea Dripper & Steel Drip Stand, Quart Concentrate Jar & Lid, Speed Pour Spout Lid, Pint Drinking Jar with Steel Straw & Cleaner, 2oz Measuring Cup, 2 Bags of Loose Leaf Tea


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Why Concentrated Tea?


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Brewing 101

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