Complete Brew Guide – Learn the Piper Process!

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This guide explains in detail the brewing process for making Concentrated Tea in a Piper Press or a Tea Dripper, but the basics can be followed with any sort of large strainer!

This handy, physical brew guide will walk you through our “Piper Process” – the brewing method we use in all our shops. You will learn to make Concentrated Tea, Simple Syrup, and a bunch of recipes! Plus get inspired by our ideas so you can have more creativiTEA with your drinks at home.

Why should you use Concentrated Tea? Learn how awesome it is here!


*Note: a brew guide is included in every Piper Press Brew Kit and Deluxe Piper Brew Kit, so you only need this guide if you have a brewing device (instead of a full kit)! Or if you need a replacement, an extra, or want to share the guide with a friend


Earn up to 40 Piper Points.