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Capri Cream Glass Jar of Loose Leaf Tea

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Creamy nectar beginning, burst of pineapple, sweet citrus finish
“Our farm to cup process reinvents southern tea. Taste the difference of hand processed local fruits and herbs in our teas.”

Winter’s demise invites the birth of Spring. Bravely rebuking the spring frost, fully-ripened, harvested, and dried local persimmons melt seamlessly into this palate-pleasing nectar, anchored by a delightfully milky oolong tea. Curled and twisted into small balls for hibernation, the brewed oolong unfurls with the sunshine into a tea so sweet, smooth, and refreshing you’ll want to take it for all your hibernation-ending needs. Say hello to the sun, to endless spring, to Capri Cream.

Available Sizes:

Essential Bag: 35 Grams(15 Servings)
Loose Leaf Jar: 70 Grams(30 Servings)

Milk Oolong Tea, Persimmon, Orange Rind, Lemon Rind, Chamomile, Lime Leaves, Apple, Pineapple, Spearmint, Lemon & Blood Orange Oils.
(This tea is steamed by a time-honored process using milk, as a result., it does contain a small amount of dairy.)


Brew at 180 degrees for 5 minutes

*Contains locally picked produce

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Weight 450 g

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