Gift Jar Sets


This set makes an exceptionally tasteful and thoughtful gift idea for teachers, ministers, neighbors, co-workers, or give it to your most favorite friends and relations.

Three of our signature Tea Blends in glass gift jars (approximately 30-40 servings each) beautifully packaged and ready to be delivered to anyone on your gift list.

Choose from one of our three sets below or create a custom set of your own if your already a Piper & Leaf devotee.

  • The Holiday Set: Distinct blends to inspire holiday reflection and festivities. Cherry Christmas, Mistletoe Grove, and Caramel Apple Pie.
  • The Tisane Set: Playful, Fruity, caffeine free blends to refresh the body and soul. Great served iced, hot, sweet, or unsweetened. Briar Patch Brew, Strawberry Shindig, and Orchard Peach.
  • The Southern Set: These blends offer depth and sophistication, while remaining approachable, like the south itself. Try the full experience of southern tea with one black tea, one green tea, and one tisane. Front Porch Special, Orchard Peach, and Sassyfrass Strawberry.

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