Immune-Boosting Bundle


These four blends are our favorite brews for giving your immune system a boost and this bundle comes with a lovely Tisane Tumbler to brew them in! These are teas filled with adaptogens, antioxidants, Vitamin C, and more. Combine your consumption of these blends with healthy eating, exercise, and a good sleep schedule to keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

Product contains 4 essential bags of loose leaf (15 servings each) and a lovely, laser-engraved Tisane Tumbler. You will get 1 essential bag of each:

  • Golden Hour Tonic
  • Healing Honeysuckle
  • Piper Mint Blues
  • Springdrop Spritzer

And the design of your choice on the Tisane Tumbler! Choose from the Briar Patch Brew motif (decorated with delicious-looking berries) and the Trailblazer Blend design (displaying woodsy twigs, fir branches, and pine cones)

Please note: mega-dosing on supplements, immune boosters, etc. is unlikely to lower your risk of catching COVID-19 (or any other coronavirus). However, a strong immune system may shorten the duration or severity of your illness.

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