Instant Tea Party


The Instant Tea Party comes with 25 Piper & Leaf hot cups and the party pack of your choice. Every party pack has 25 sachets, so this bundle has almost everything you need for your next family gathering, holiday party, or big event. Just add water!

Each of our double-walled “hot stuff” cups comes with the best disposable lid we could find. These lids allow you to sip the tea like out of a mug, giving you more aroma and enjoyment! These 12 oz cups are well insulated, so they don’t need a sleeve or double cupping. Just sip and enjoy.

Choose any one blend for your party pack and let the fun begin:

  Product Quantity
Front Porch Special Party Pack 25 Sachets in Pint Jar
Sweetie Pie Chai Party Pack 25 Sachets in Pint Jar
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Purchase this product now and earn 335 Piper Points!