Stocking Stuffers – Piper Swag Bag


This little stocking stuffer is perfect for any true Piper & Leaf devotees! This swag bag comes with a blue diamond button, two iron-on patches, a vinyl diamond logo sticker, and two vinyl mason jar stickers. Attach your Piper & Leaf devotion permanently to your laptop, jacket, backpack, and anywhere else you want! Plus you’ll have a cute pin to move onto whichever bag or jacket you’re wearing on any day. The ultimate swag bag

– 1 P&L Diamond Pin
– 2 Iron-On Diamond Logo Patches
– 1 Blue on White Diamond Vinyl Sticker
– 2 Mason Jar Vinyl Stickers (1 Piper Mint Blues & 1 Briar Patch Brew)
– Festive Muslin Bag!

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