Piper & Leaf Mulling Spices bag with spilled loose leaf and garnishes showing the beautiful, freshly dehydrated fruits and spices
Piper & Leaf Mulling Spices bag - for use in ciders & wines
Piper & Leaf Mulling Spices bag - front and back, showing the brewing instructions
Mulling Spices

Mulling Spices (makes 5 half-gallon batches)

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Make delicious mulled cider for all your holiday parties this year – with our signature Piper & Leaf flair of flavor!

This bag of Piper & Leaf mulling spices contains enough servings to make 5 half-gallon batches of mulled cider (or wine). Also included are several larger ingredients to garnish your pot of cider – use a few slices of apple, a rounds of orange, or cinnamon sticks to float on top of the pot for extra flavor and panache!

All you need now is 2 quarts of your favorite apple cider or wine and you can make a hot, spiced beverage that will be the talk of the party!


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