A blue pitcher surrounded by fresh strawberries, jars of jam, and bags of tea
A bag of Strawberry Shindig loose leaf with two cups of a pink beverage with fruit garnish
Strawberry jam spread over Bundt cake slices
Three bags of loose leaf tea in a woven basket: Strawberry Shindig, Lemon Berry Blush, & Sassyfras Strawberry

Summer Strawberry Special 2021

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A jar of fresh jam, three bags of loose leaf (Strawberry Shindig, Sassyfras Strawberry & Lemon Berry Blush), and a short recipe book of strawberry delights! We use local strawberries in our amazing Strawberry Jam.

Recipe book has instructions for brewing concentrated tea and several specialty drink recipes. Also included are recipes to make Sassy Bundt Cake, Almond Thumbprint Cookies (using our fresh strawberry jam), and more!

Strawberry Jam Ingredients: strawberries, sugar, dextrose, fruit pectin, fumaric acid (for tartness), sodium carbonate