Our Blends are Blooming

These spring seasonals will make you feel like spring is really and truly here, no matter the weather you’re facing! 

Pom Pearadise

This Nilgiri black tea base is blended with a delightful combination of pears and lovely herbs. The first taste is sweet and fruity, layered with the subdued finish of lime leaves and lemongrass. This blend is incredibly refreshing and will have you hooked. Each sip of Pom Pearadise is the first ray of sunshine breaking through a rainy day.

Taste of Pearadise

Springdrop Spritzer

A delightful burst of new spring growth. Bold rosemary and peppermint notes tingle the tongue while crisp and calming Sencha tea carries the sensation to the final lingering of a perfect union of cardamom & lemon. This triumphant beginning fades to a playful linger of creamy citrus.

Sip on Springdrop

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