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Piper Mint Blues Muslin Bag of Loose Tea – 15 Servings


Sweet Mint. Sharp Fruit Overtones. Mellow Finish
“Our farm to cup process reinvents southern tea. Taste the difference of hand processed local fruits and herbs in our teas.”

Sparkling peppermint fronts the ensemble, directing the delicious chorus. Wintergreen and spearmint pierce through with crisp high hat taps. Jamming out mellow bass notes are the smooth blueberries. The heart of this refreshing blues ballad is the vibrant, haunting solo of the butterfly pea flower.  Impossibly colorful, this floral crooner sings to your thirsty soul. Let’s welcome to the stage: Piper Mint Blues.

Available Sizes:

Essential Bag: 35 Grams(15 Servings)
Loose Leaf Jar: 70 Grams(30 Servings)

Ingredients: Peppermint, Wintergreen, Spearmint, Ginger, Blueberries, Blackberries, Butterfly Pea Flower.

Caffeine Free

Brew at 212 degrees for 7 minutes

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