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Clean and Restore Metal Straws

How to properly scrub your reusable straws clean and tips to polish and restore the stainless steel. Plus extra advice for why the dishwasher isn't always a great idea for cleaning your straws. Read, learn, and get your metal straws nice and shiny again!

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Sweet Dixie Colada Mocktail

A refreshing beverage to keep you cool during the summer heat wave. Since Sweet Dixie is caffeine-free, this mocktail is a beverage the whole family can enjoy! Mix up a batch on a hot Saturday afternoon so you can stay relaxed and enjoy the sun. This recipe makes one 16oz drink, so use your pint jar if you’re in the P&L spirit! Follow along with this video or keep scrolling to read the recipe down below. Dixie Colada Mocktail Recipe: Add 8 ounces of ice to your cup (or jar)  Add 2 ounces of Sweet Dixie concentrated tea (if you don’t know how to make concentrate, check out our brewing 101 here!*) Add 2 ounces of coconut milk  Add 4 ounces of sparkling...

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