Tea Classes

Learn From a Piperista

 A personalized tea class

Our classes are a great group activity! Sign up with your coworkers as a team-building exercise or gather your close friends and learn tea brewing together. Each class is taught by a 'Piperista' (our professional tea brewers) who will teach you the fundamentals of making tea the way we do here at Piper & Leaf. After a special-tea education, you'll be mixing drinks like a professional Piperista for all your friends and family.

Each class is $150 and lasts about an hour, depending on which class you choose.

We can offer digital classes to tea lovers anywhere in the world or you can sign up for an in-person class if you're local.

We do recommend everyone in the class use their Brew Kit or Boba Kit to follow along, so we also offer a discount to your group! When you sign up for a class, let us know how many people will be in your group and we will arrange a bulk rate for your brew kits.

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Naomi teaches our Boba Tea 101 class over a video call. This session included U.S. and international tea lovers!

 Classes available

Piper Process 101

Piper Process 101

       This class will teach you all the basics of our signature brewing method. Learn how to brew concentrated tea, make simple syrup, and easily mix drinks for yourself and your friends. This class takes 45-60 minutes and is personalized to the brewing method you prefer: Piper Press or Deluxe Tea Dripper.

Boba Tea 101

Boba Tea 101

       This class will show you how to make bubble tea at home! Learn how to prepare tapioca boba pearls, brew concentrated tea, and mix up an amazing boba tea any time. This class takes 45-60 minutes and is personalized to the brewing method you prefer: Piper Press or Deluxe Tea Dripper.

Specialty Drinks

Specialty Drink Mixing

       This class will teach you a variety of special-tea drink recipes that you can make with concentrated tea. Learn how to make fizzy sparkling teas, whip up a foamy tea frother, and more! This class takes 30-45 minutes and can be personalized to include some of your recipe requests.

Contact us to book a class!

Please include in the body of your message: the number of participants, expected class date, whether digital or in-person, and any other details that will help us plan the perfect class experience for you. We will get back to you in 1-3 business days (Mon-Fri) to coordinate your personalized class.

You must register at least four (4) weeks prior to the class so we can allow adequate time to deliver brew kits and assure our staff availability. Let us know your preferred date and time when you register and we will work with you on planning the next step in your tea education!