Piper & Leaf press kit
Pressing down the Piper Press to strain the brewed tea
Piper Mini Measure - a tiny glass measuring cup with a little handle. Up to 70 milliliters or 2.5oz
Pouring freshly brewed tea from a Piper Press into a Piper & Leaf quart jar
Valentine's Day Piper Press Brew Kit contents: Velvet Bliss & Strawberry Shindig
Pouring concentrated tea into a measuring cup to make a mug of hot tea

Piper Press Brew Kit

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This Brew Kit has everything you need to brew Concentrated Tea at home using our amazing Piper Press.

Concentrated Tea can be used to make hot tea, iced tea, specialty drinks, and more! This is our favorite way to brew because of its ease and versatility. And now we’ve made it easier than ever for you to brew at home with this awesome tea press!


This kit has everything you need to get started:

- A Piper Press (for brewing)
- A quart jar, a solid lid, and a pour spout lid (for storing and pouring)
- Two Essential Bags of loose leaf tea (to get you started on your brewing)
- A Piper Mini Measure (for measuring and mixing)
- A pint jar, a drinking lid, a metal straw, and a straw cleaning brush (for mixing and drinking)
- An instructional Brew Guide to brewing Concentrated Tea with your new tea press (+ instructions for Simple Syrup sweetner + awesome drink mixing recipes)!

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Walter Claud
Five Stars

I absolutely love my Piper press!!! I moved away from the Huntsville area but now I get to make my favorite tea at home!

Five Stars

A game changer for my tea drinking experience! My husband is diabetic, so a gallon of sweet tea goes to waste before I can drink it all. This allows me to make one glass at a time, which is perfect!

Margaret Pate
Five Stars

Great tea and even better customer service! My kit and tea also arrived so fast, I was very impressed.

Five Stars

I love this kit! My son and daughter in love gave it to me as a Mother’s Day present. It was well packaged and came with a hand written note! So easy to use! Was a big fan of the tea before getting this, but really love how easy this kit made it to make tea! I loved it so much I got my sweet daughter in love one for her birthday!!

Stephanie Ferguson
Five Stars

My family goes through Piper & Leaf tea like water—this is a must have! Delicious tea in minutes and the concentrated form is ready and waiting when they want to make a cup (hot or cold). Perfect!

Ramona Swallows
Five Stars

Love this kit which has everything needed for brewing loose leaf tea just hope I do not break the glass. Before finding the Piper & Leaf site, I had never heard of brewing tea concentrate which gives the flexibility for making a glass of iced tea (just a touch of ice for me) or a cup of hot tea. I am now in the process of trying to decide on my favorite teas before placing a bulk order (so many choices). Tea bags are all right when travelling, but loose leaf tea is my favorite way to brew tea .