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Brewing Mulled Cider

Mulling Spices & Hot Cider Piper & Leaf Mulling Spices are the perfect way to warm up during those chilly fall and winter days! Use this fragrant blend of fruits and spices into any apple juice to make a tasty batch of hot, spiced cider. Enough for the whole family to enjoy! The drinks taste amazing (and it will make your kitchen smell incredible in the process) Each bag of our mulling spices will make you 5 half-gallon batches of mulled deliciousness. And it takes less than 30 minutes to prepare! Keep reading to hear the recipe for making the perfect mulled drinks! The Mulling Recipe Ingredients: 3 Tbsp Piper & Leaf Mulling Spices 2 Qt your favorite apple cider...

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Mull on Something Amazing

Piper & Leaf Mulling Spices are finally here and they're truly something special! Grab a bag and brew something delicious for your friendsgiving dinner, holiday parties, and family gatherings this year. You can brew a hot, unique beverage that'll be the talk of the party. See how easy we made it! Below I'm gonna walk you through brewing a batch of mulled apple cider! This recipe makes a half gallon of cider, so you'll be able to do this five times with one bag of mulling spices. :) Here's what you need! Piper & Leaf Mulling Spices (of course) 2 Quarts of your favorite apple cider* 1/4 Cup of dark brown sugar (if you like your cider extra sweet) A...

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