Twelve essential bags of loose leaf in Piper & Leaf's most popular blends
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Variety Pack - All 15 Blends, 15 Servings Each

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Can’t decide what loose leaf tea to get? Try all of our year-round blends in full Essential Bags (35g each) at a great price. That's 15 servings of 15 different loose tea blends, housed in our signature muslin bags. Yes, this bundle makes 225 cups of tea!

Or you can pair this with your brew kit to make a full batch of Concentrated Tea for each Piper & Leaf blend; you'll get over 400 servings of tea!

All 15 of our year-round blends are included in the Variety Box:

  • Briar Patch Brew
  • Capri Cream
  • Chocola-Tea
  • Front Porch Special
  • Golden Hour Tonic
  • Healing Honeysuckle
  • Lemon Berry Blush
  • Monks Meditation
  • Old Fashioned Birthday Cake
  • Orchard Peach
  • Piper Mint Blues
  • Sassyfras Strawberry
  • Strawberry Shindig
  • Summertime Chai
  • Sweetie Pie Chai

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