A jar of tea & lemonade, packages of Front Porch Special loose tea, and slices of lemon

Front Porch Palmer

During the heat of late summer, nothing quite hits the spot like an iced cold glass of tea or lemonade. But how do you decide which refreshing beverage to choose? You don't have to! You can mix them together for the best of both worlds. A half-tea, half-lemonade drink (typically called an 'Arnold Palmer' after the famous golfer who loved the beverage) is a delicious way to stay cool.

This recipe is best with the famous Front Porch Special, since it's our "Classic Southern" black tea blend. But try it out with your favorite! Lemon Berry Blush makes for a refreshing twist on the old 'Arnold Palmer' recipe or try Briar Patch Brew to give your lemonade a fruity, berry twist. So brew up a batch of Concentrated Tea, grab your Piper Mini Measure, and get ready to be refreshed.

A muslin bag of Front Porch Special, a jar of tea & lemonade, and slices of lemon


Front Porch Palmer Recipe


A pint jar of lemonade, lemon, and tiny measuring cup of tea concentrate


  1. Add the lemon juice, simple syrup, and water to a 16oz pint jar (or cup)
  2. Stir thoroughly! This is your lemonade base
  3. Once the lemonade is finished, add 2oz of your concentrated tea choice and stir again until completely mixed
  4. Add ice to keep the beverage cool. Garnish with a lemon wedge and sip on the delicious tea & lemonade combo

Already have lemonade at home? The recipe is even easier! Just add 2oz of concentrated tea to 6-10oz of lemonade, stir, and enjoy.

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