A Faithful Farmer picking fresh peaches off the tree for us to use in our Orchard Peach Blend

Harder Not Smarter: Our Commitment To Local

We are committed to sourcing local ingredients for all of our tea and herbal blends.


Fresh Peaches!         These Strawberries are ready to be picked!


A few days ago, we had the pleasure of meeting with one of our farmers who is working on growing new ingredients for our future blends. We are always on the lookout for experimenting with different ingredients in order to curate new and special blends. (Stay tuned for a new blend coming later this year!)


We discussed some of Freshly picked strawberries ready to be processed the challenges that farmers face when growing different types of ingredients, such as the difficulties of harvesting berries and sweet potatoes. But we are amazed by their passion and dedication to providing the best produce for our community!


It's heartening to see the hard work and commitment that goes into producing high-quality ingredients that we can feel good about sharing with our families and friends.


While the farmer was visiting, he toured our production facility. We showed him how we chop and dry all the fresh produce on site. We believe in using every part of the ingredient, whether it is perfect or not, to ensure that nothing goes to waste. This helps us maintain a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with our farmers; who appreciate our commitment to using their produce in the best way possible.


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Take a Tour 

Sunrise at the Farm


Interested in coming on a tour of your own? We'd love to have you! 
Check out our production and fulfillment areas, hear our plans for the future and sample some of our best sellers. Not able to make it during the scheduled time? We also offer private tours and field trips for small groups! Email us at info@piperandleaf.com for more information. 
Not local? No worries, we'd love to host you in our Airbnb (the tour is included for FREE)! Book your stay, with us!

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Making tea this way isn't easy, but it's so worth it. By using locally sourced ingredients, we're able to support our local farmers and provide you with the most vibrant and flavorful blends possible.


Little Jimmy choping on some freshly picked strawberrieslittle boy sitting in a field drinking strawberry shindig


MaryClaire processing strawberries by hand


When we first started Piper & Leaf, every single ingredient was chopped by hand (like you see MaryClaire doing in the picture)! Now we have a fancy machine that does the hard work for us. 


We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such dedicated farmers and are looking forward to growing future partnerships in our community.

Thank you all for your continued support, we can't wait to share more exciting news with you in the future!


- Caleb, Brigette, MaryClaire, & Connor


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Shop Our Strawberry Teas

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Strawberry season is quickly approaching and that means that our production team will be very busy with receiving, washing, cutting, drying, storing, and blending all of the strawberries that come in. In the past few strawberry seasons we've averaged receiving 250 gallons of strawberries per week!

It sounds like a lot, and it is, but we have three, year-round blends that include strawberries as a pretty prominent ingredient and so we have to ensure we will have enough to last us until the next season. Check out our strawberry blends: Strawberry Shindig -a fruity tisane, Sassyfras Strawberry- a green tea blend, and Lemon Berry Blush -a black tea blend. This purchasing and processing mindset is the same for all of the local fruits, herbs, and vegetables we use in our blends. 

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