A green milk tea with whipped cream and sprinkles - made with Piper Mint Blues (herbal mint) and Capri Cream (milk oolong)

St. Patty's Day Lucky Drinks!

St. Patrick's Day IS NEAR

Liven up your lucky green party with these amazing drink recipes!

Have a Taste of Luck this St. Patrick's Day!

Try out one of these festive drink recipes to add a little flair to this Irish day of celebration. Or impress your friends by serving up delicious (and non-alcoholic) beverages like a professional Piperista! Just brew up some Concentrated Tea in your Deluxe Brew Kit or Piper Press and you'll be ready to mix up a green treat.

Irish Dream

The Irish Dream is a green, creamy treat that is somehow both light and rich. Fruity and creamy, with a bit of mint and a hint of citrus. For this recipe, you will need to brew up Concentrated Tea of Capri Cream and Piper Mint Blues! For instructions on brewing Concentrated Tea, check out our Brewing 101 page.

  1. Add 1/2 oz of Piper Mint Blues concentrate and 1 oz of Capri Cream concentrate to your cup
  2. Add 1 oz of Half & Half creamer and 4 oz (or 1/2 cup) of water
  3. Stir it all together! The drink should be a pale, milky green
  4. Add ice until your cup is almost full (leaving about an inch at the top)
  5. Top the drink with a swirl of whipped cream. If you're feeling extra festive, add some green or gold sprinkles
  6. Your drink is ready for Instagram! (oh, and for drinking too)

If you like your drinks sweet, add an ounce of simple syrup in before you add the ice and stir well! And as always, half & half and whipped cream can always be swapped out for non-dairy alternatives.

Sparkling Springdrop Spritz

This fizzy delight is a carbonated, citrus & herb treat. The Sparkling Springdrop Spritz is the perfect, non-alcoholic alternative to champagne for sipping during a toast. Or make a whole punch bowl with a little sugar added and some round slices of lemon and lime floating around.

For this recipe, you will need to brew up Concentrated Tea of Springdrop Spritzer, one of our spring seasonal blends! For instructions on brewing Concentrated Tea, check out our Brewing 101 page.

  1. Add 1 oz of Springdrop Spritzer concentrate to your glass
  2. Add a splash of lime juice (1 tsp is about right, if you prefer to measure)
  3. Pour 4 oz (1/2 cup) of unflavored sparkling water into your glasss
  4. Stir gently until it's all mixed! Don't stir too much or you'll lose some of the carbonation
  5. Add a few ice cubes to keep it chilled and garnish with a twist or a slice of lime
  6. Enjoy the wonderful carbonation of this rosemary, green tea, and lime beverage!

For a sweeter drink, add about 1/2 ounce of simple syrup before you add the sparkling water and ice! Make sure the simple sugar is mixed in before you start drinking, since it tends to sink to the bottom of your glass. If you want to add a little twist to your drink, you can always try using a flavored sparkling water! I recommend cucumber or lemon, but there are so many options that would be delicious.

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