Stories that Started Us: The First Samovar Party

Stories that Started Us: The First Samovar Party


First off, if you grew up in the United States then you are probably wondering what a Samovar is, so before we can get to the party let’s back up, a few hundred years...

A samovar is an often elaborate vessel for serving tea that has been common in Russia and parts of Eastern Europe and Asia for centuries. Basically, there is a chamber at the bottom where you put burning hot coals under a tank of water. The coals keep the water “piping” hot all the day through and the water heats the tiny teapot full of concentrated tea that sits on top of the water tank. When you are ready for each delightful hot cup you simply fill your teacup from the hot water, and add a bit of concentrate from the teapot. Voila!

Interested in learning more about the Russian Samovar? Check out this article to learn more about the history and culture of samovars.

We've modernized the concentrate brewing method found using a samovar. Check out our brew kits to see the process!

A Russian Samovar

 There is is! Our vintage samovar... 

As China Forbes belted out in "Pink Martini," “the Samovar is full of tea, you stare unblinkingly at me…” We looked up what a samovar was and were so intrigued that soon after, when we filled out the application for our first farmers market, the name “Samovar Gardens” came to us without hesitation.

When my mom heard this she lost no time in “stumbling” upon an authentic brass Russian samovar from a shop in…Ohio? She does emphatically claim on a regular basis that all good things come from Ohio (including her of course).

Group of friends around a camp fire drinking tea from a samovar

Some of our bold friends hanging around a camp fire sampling our tea blends freshly brewed from a samovar. 


Armed with our samovar and our original tea blends there was nothing to do but throw a party and test out our new contraption and blend creations on some guinea pigs, a.k.a. our friends.

Caleb (much like my mother and our daughter Charlene) can’t throw a party without going all out on the decorations, and thankfully for him my mom had just made that easy by giving him a random vintage circus tent looking thing from who knows where (probably also Ohio). 

Our first Samovar Party in a vintage circus tent

More bold friends and family hanging out in the vintage circus tent trying out our tea blends. 

A campfire, drop cloth tent, authentic samovar, fresh tea blends, and fabulous friends… how could a project born on such beginnings be anything but marvelous?! Of course, my mom would probably claim it all worked because of OHIO!

And the name Samovar Gardens… well that didn’t last long, but that’s another story... But you can still see the samovar in the center of our logo! 

a picture of our old Samovar Gardens sign from back in the day

Here's a glimpse of our old "Samovar Gardens" sign, today, you can see it hanging in the production area of our HQ! But don't take our word for it, come see it yourself on one of our Farm Tours! Check out our Upcoming Events to see when our next tour is, or email us at to book a private tour or field trip!


 Bride and Groom interacting with our Piperista

I spy a samovar! Do you see it?

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See ya at our next shindig!

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