Charlene with freshly picked beets

Then & Now: Charlene

Charlene, what can we say? She has never known a predictable life...


Baby Charlene in a field of flowers



She was born the year that Piper & Leaf (or Samovar Gardens rather) was literally brewing. Her first steps were through experimental brown packages of tea, piles of herbs, and the original garden to produce local ingredients. In May she came into the world, and the next May as she was celebrating her first birthday the original icy cold jar of tea was officially sold at our first market.


Young Charlene picking beets from the farm


Charlene is holding some freshly picked beets! Did you know that we use beets as a natural coloring? Find it in your favorite green tea blend- Sassyfras Strawberry


Charlene and our company have grown up together- hand in hand- her hands. helping grow the produce, pack the product, and carry it to friends and family. Now she has even started her own business making jam with the juice that is the byproduct of the local fruit we dry and blend into the tea.


 Charlene is in the beginning stages of knitting a hat


Charlene is in the beginning stages of knitting a hat! Love her crafty spirit!


We are so proud of our little 5k running, old fashioned loving, hardworking, crazy little Charlene- Piper & Leaf's one-year older birthday month twin 

-Brigette, Caleb, Connor, & MaryClaire



Share a cup with Charlene!

Charlene's favorite blend is Sweetie Pie Chai


Image of sweet potato and other lovely ingredients that make up Sweetie Pie Chai


Candied sweet potato, cinnamon, and creamy clove


Sweetie Pie Chai is a lightly spiced, drinkable hug that warms the soul. It invokes the tradition and love of being surrounded at family gatherings… as well as an invitation to indulge in warm, cozy corners with a good book. The lively party of flavor that starts things off is by followed by the quiet, strong warmth that only comes with hearts aglow. Filled with joy, you are ready to repaint these memories time and again as you take each sip of Sweetie Pie Chai.


 Have you tried it yet? 

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