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Boba Brew Guide

Boba Brew Guide

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This guide explains in detail the process of making delicious bubble tea at home!

This handy boba guide will walk you through preparing our tapioca Boba Pearls, brewing Concentrated Tea, making Simple Syrup sweetener, and mixing drink recipes. Concentrated Tea is made through our “Piper Process” – the brewing method we use in all our shops. The instructions teach you to brew your Concentrated Tea in our Piper Press, but the basics can be followed with any sort of large strainer.

This guide is included in our Boba Brew Kits and Conversion Kits, so you only need this if you have purchased Boba Pearls separately! Or if you need a replacement guide, an extra, or want to share the guide with a friend.

Note: instructions in this guide are intended for type of tapioca Boba Pearls we sell; other brands may require different brewing times to achieve the right texture!

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