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Healing Honeysuckle Glass Jar of Loose Leaf Tea - 30 Servings

Healing Honeysuckle Glass Jar of Loose Leaf Tea - 30 Servings

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An echinacea tonic meets a fragrant jasmine breeze.

“Super excited I decided to try this! It’s like my best memory of every typical herb tea (chamomile, mint, orange, echinacea) with the edge taken off each of those by harmonious blending into something that tastes familiar and comforting, but evolved a step further in a wonderfully mellow way. Not too flowery or overpowered by any single flavor. Well done!”
– David (Healing Honeysuckle 9ct Tea Bags)

Ingredients: Orange Rind, Echinacea, Red Rooibos, Ginger, Blackberry Leaf, Holy Basil, Licorice Root, Jasmine Blossom, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Chamomile
Caffeine Free!
Brew at 212 degrees for 7 minutes

This lovely glass jar holds 70 grams - enough loose leaf to make over 30 servings of delicious tea.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michele Thrash

Tasty & helped me sleep better 😲

Sheryl Sirmons
So smooth!

Love this tea and I wasn’t sure I would because I don’t like rooibos but my husband loves it. I tried it … I LIKE this blend

Five Stars

This is one of my favorite tea blends. It makes me feel so relaxed.

Kelly Benson
Five Stars

Just when I think I have picked my favorite P&L tea, I try another one that I love. This one is nice and mellow. Reminds me of chamomile without the strong taste chamomile leaves me with. A little sweet, a little minty, all around great flavor. What I love most about this one is that I don't have to watch what time of day it is because it does not have caffeine. Honeysuckle is my favorite scent of all time and even though it doesn't taste like that scent (if that even makes sense), it makes me smile and think about how much I love honeysuckle. I think this one jumped to my favorite!

Beth Benedict
Five Stars

This tea is amazing!!! By boss had picked some up at a show in Tennessee I think and put it in our stockings and when I ran out, I just had to get some more!!!