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Piper & Leaf Tea Co.

Super Sippy Travel Tumbler - Hot & Iced!

Super Sippy Travel Tumbler - Hot & Iced!

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Get the best of both worlds with a straw for iced tea and a classic sipping lid for hot drinks. This durable, 12oz navy-blue travel cup sports the classic Piper & Leaf diamond logo. Every cup comes with a flexible, chewy straw to insert when enjoying cold drinks. Made with double-insulated walls for all-day hot and cold beverage enjoyment. Great for kids of all ages!


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Customer Reviews

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Sheila P
Super Sippy

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this tumbler. Brought a cup of tea 2 days in a row to work and it kept it piping hot for 4 hours. I literally could not drink it for the first 2 hours because it was so hot. Love the size. Only wish now it came in other colors but definitely not a big deal.

Melinda Kay
Great Travel Mug

Hot drinks using spout - check. Cold drinks with sippy straw - check. Sized for cup holder in my car - check. Easy to get lid on and off - check. Loving this little mug!

Jacy Andrew Andrew

This is one of my favorite Piper and Leaf purchases! Kept my drink cold all day long without leaking. There is two option on how to drink out of it which is super convenient! I recommend the super sippy cup for all ages!