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Introducing, the new....

24 Teas of Advent—Piper and Leaf Advent Calendar 2024

24 Teas of Advent—Piper and Leaf Advent Calendar 2024

  • Artisan Tea Bags Included
  • Reusable Advent Bookshelf
  • Unique Blends for 24 Days

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Piper & Leaf Tea Co Presents- the 24 Teas of Advent. An advent calendar filled with teas, stories, and songs.

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Each Day Opens Up A New Tea & Tradition

24 Artisan Tea Blends · Stories · Crafts · recipes · & more!

Beginning December 1st and continuing each day leading up to Christmas, journey through Piper & Leaf's tea blends alongside a story, poem, or song from our family's collection of favorites.

Accompanying them is a curated blog, activity, recipe, or craft that you can dive into. This interactive gift is sure to facilitate the creation of new and wonderful memories!

Stories & Songs from our family to yours.

Tea is just the beginning of this advent experience! Each day, you pull a "book" off the shelf, inspired by a specific story or song from our collection of favorites. Inside you will find 2 tea bags of a delicious blend, along with a story, activity, and QR code to dive deeper with more activities, recipes, and thoughts for the day.

Our Tea Blends

Black Teas · Green Teas · Herbal & Spiced Tisanes

Sip & savor 24 of our artisan tea blends both caffeinated and caffeine free. Each blend has 2 tea bags to enjoy!

We Are Piper & Leaf Tea Co.

Piper & Leaf is a family-owned and operated tea company based out of Lacey’s Springs, AL, we specialize in creating unique and delicious Artisan teas blends filled with as many local ingredients as possible.

We partner with local farmers in our area and all over the Southeast to provide fresh produce straight from the garden, farm, forest, and briar patch. During prime growing seasons, farmers drop off their crops at our headquarters where we wash, chop, dry, blend, and pack all of our teas.

When you sip a glass of Piper & Leaf, you are not just benefitting your health, you are taking part in helping our local community thrive by helping us invest in adoption and fostercare initives, supporting small local farmers, and enabling us to help Serve the Joy of Christ to the world around us, one tea bag at a time.

Celebrate With Us!

Our Advent calendar has been in the works for quite a while, and we are thrilled to finally share it with you. It’s a little piece of our hearts, our family, and our traditions, and best of all, our tea.

We're so grateful for your support and can't wait to celebrate this season and the birth of Christ together with you. To God be the glory!

~ MaryClaire, Connor, Brigette, & Caleb