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Sunrise Chai Muslin Bag of Loose Leaf Tea - 15 Servings

Sunrise Chai Muslin Bag of Loose Leaf Tea - 15 Servings

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A gently spiced and sprigged perennial chai breeze.

“Nice Lighter Chai flavor. I am a big fan of chai and to me, they are pretty much the same. But, this one is different. Just a tad lighter on the chai spices, which I find refreshing and different. I have been blending with a little simple syrup, some vanilla creamer, and ice in my blender and making amazing frozen chai drinks. LOVE this tea!”
– Kelly

Ingredients: Nilgiri Black Tea, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, Coriander, Dill Seed, Organic Flavor, Oregano, Fennel
Brew at 212 degrees for 3.5 minutes

This Essential Bag is packaged in our hand-printed muslin and filled with 35 grams of loose leaf tea – enough to make 15 delicious servings.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Judy E
Nice spice flavor

I like a spicy chai tea. This is good hot and cold.

Stephanie Chabane

I absolutely love Summertime Chai it’s definitely my favorite Piper and Leaf tea!! So flavorful and refreshing!!

Kayla Fink
Five Stars

Love the summertime chai, most of the time in summer I like my tea iced but I do enjoy the chai in the morning warm to start my day.

Harriet Wilson
Five Stars

I love Chai Tea and this is awesome!

Jake Gibson
Five Stars

P&L Summertime Chai is my main culinary indulgence: at a bag every 1-2 weeks I’ve been through 120-150 bags. It’s not only really good, it is *consistently* delicious. The spice blend is just right for my druthers - for example lots of factory made :-) chai includes star anise, which I figure is fine in ‘licorice’ jelly beans but I don’t want in my tea. 15 servings is for a normal cuppa; my usual mug is about 16oz so I get more like 12 drinks from one bag. I’ve tried small infusers and the roll-your-own tea bags - just okay. I get the best flavor from this brewed loose in my Finum tea basket or the tea globe my daughter got me at Piper & Leaf. I almost always drink it hot, but it’s good cold too, particularly as an iced chai latte. I use stevia typically instead of the delicious simple syrup other reviewers suggest - both ways taste great.

Beth Laws
Five Stars

I generally associate Chai tea with fall/winter because it's typically made with a strong tea and the spices are all thrown in and pretty powerful on their own. As a previous reviewer noted, all the others taste pretty much the same. And then there's this - calling it Summertime Chai couldn't be more fitting. It's surprising light but still holds those famous chai spices. The ratio of tea to spice is just right too - the spices add to the gentle flavor rather than overwhelm. I haven't tried it iced yet, but I know I won't be disappointed.