Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

It’s time again to say “Happy Father’s Day” to the amazing dads in our lives. Find the perfect gift to show your gratitude for everything he does! We’ve put together our favorite gifts for dads as well as the best Dad Jokes we have. Look no FATHER! Here are our gift ideas:


Classic Piper Tee - $15

SuperDad needs a super shirt! This soft TEA-shirt by Comfort Colors is a deep blue and screen-printed by hand with a timeless design. Don’t let his wardrobe WEAR thin. Give dad a way to show off his favorite little tea company all summer long… at prices that won’t take the shirt off your back!

Piper Ball Cap - $23.97

Don’t get aHEAD of yourself; this gift is comfortable and practical. These stylish hats are sewn with a leather diamond embossed with the famous Piper & Leaf logo. to you for finding a gift that’s perfect for everyday wear in the summer sun! CAP it off with a bag of tea and you have an easy gift bundle.


Caffeinated Ostrich Coffee - $16.99

Words cannot ESPRESSO how excited we are to offer these amazing beans! This coffee is roasted by Micah, a dad himself and husband to MaryClaire, and great for enhancing dad’s morning GRIND. The gift your dad has BEAN waiting for. Order now so you won’t be LATTE giving it to him.

Tea Subscription - $10.99+

Give dad a Tea of the Month subscription and we will LEAF a package of delicious tea at his doorstep every month. This TEAriffic gift is an easy way to ensure he never runs low on tea! And it’s no STRAIN on you, since renewal orders are automatic.


Reusable Metal Straws - $11.99-17.99

We SIPpose everyone could use a pack of reusable straws. These stainless-steel utensils are totally tubular and very practical. Hey, don’t overDRINK it! Hay is for horses, but STRAW is for dads.

Tisane Tumbler - $28.99

Don’t STEAM about the stress of gift shopping. Our bamboo tisane tumbler is laser-engraved with BREWtiful designs and contains a built-in tea strainer. Take a tumble and fall head over heels for this amazing gift. Armed with a tumbler, some tea, and a Classic Piper shirt, your dad will be unSTEEPable!


Piper & Leaf Gift Card

Piper & Leaf gift cards let dad pick out his favorites so you can forGIFT about the uncertainTEA. This card is an ace up your sleeve. Our gift cards are redeemable online (and coming to stores soon!) so dad can browse for his favorites from home.


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