Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation Gift Guide

Tea is a wonderful travel companion for a big move to a new place. That’s why Piper & Leaf is a great gift for any graduate! Make sure that your friends, kids, or family members are stocked up on their favorite tea before they head out on the next chapter of their life. Give each graduate a reminder of home for their move to a strange city or new apartment or big job. Everyone could use a little taste of nostalgia to keep spirits high in new situations. Try sending the gift of family, friends, and communi-tea to show your love and send your con-graduations.

Tea Subscription - $10.99+

Send the gift of tea every month so you know your graduate will always have a little bit of tea in stock. Everyone needs a taste of home every so often to help keep homesickness at bay! Our tea subscription is an easy little care package for your student that ensures they get a different blend to try every month.

Jar Tote Bag - $19

This stylish bag is perfect for carrying around school supplies or personal affects when traveling from one class to the next. The screen-printed tea jars are a great reminder of home and the delicious tea enjoyed with family and friends. Give your graduate something fun and practical to use!



Piper Press Brew Kit - $79.99

The Piper Press Kit will teach your graduate how to brew concentrated tea so they can have their favorite Piper & Leaf drinks even far from home. Plus, it’s compact! The Piper Press is easy to store, even in a dorm room or small apartment, and jars can fit in a mini fridge. Give them the gift of delicious tea, even far from home.

Reusable Straw Packs - $11.99-17.99

Our straw packs are a wonderful gift since these stainless-steel straws are durable, reusable, and come with a straw brush for easy cleaning. Each pack gives a variety of different sizes to ensure the straws will fit with any size cup or jar and are topped with soft silicone tips that help protect the teeth. Give your graduate a practical gift they will use all the time!

Piper & Leaf Kånken Backpack - $89

The one thing every graduate needs – a backpack! This bag is great for carrying books to class, taking a laptop to work, or packing clothes for a trip back home. Kanken bags are well-known for their durability (and popularity), so this backpack will give your graduate many years of use. Plus, it’s sewn with the Piper & Leaf logo so they can represent their favorite small tea company everywhere they go.

Tisane Tumbler - $28.99

The top gift for a graduate on the go! This tumbler has a built-in strainer that makes it easy to brew their favorite tea anywhere. Your graduate will be able to travel with their tea, whether they have work, class, a road trip, or just a fun day out with friends. Since this bamboo tumbler is insulated with stainless steel, it will keep tea piping hot (or ice cold!) for hours without changing temperature. And it fits in the pocket of a backpack!


Piper & Leaf Gift Card

Online gift cards are always a perfect gift; let your graduate pick out their own present! A gift card will allow them to purchase their favorite blends, choose the brewing device they’ve always wanted, or grab some apparel to show off their exquisite taste in tea. This versatile and easy gift offers flexibility and amazing artisan tea for your favorite graduate. (And anyone else!) Gift cards are usable on our website right now, but will also be redeemable in stores later this summer.



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