a metal stand for the tea dripper
A tea dripper steeping concentrated tea on a steel drip stand over an empty quart jar
a metal stand for the tea dripper
A tea dripper filled with Sassyfras Strawberry loose leaf and ready to brew

Handmade Industrial Steel Dripper Stand

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THE most attractive and functional way to brew your tea and coffee at home.

Our exclusive heavy-duty bent steel dripper stand works with standard pour-over coffee brewers and our beautiful glass Tea Dripper. The industrial minimalist aesthetic features a raw metal finish and hand-cut accents including our own samovar design. A lovely addition to any rustic-style kitchen.

Please note that the drip stand no longer has a grate as shown in some of the images. All drip stands now have a solid metal base for easy cleaning and rust prevention!


Each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art made by hand in Huntsville, AL and is only available from Piper & Leaf. They make a great gift for tea fanatics, especially when paired with a tea dripper. Get yours today!

For a great deal on all your brewing needs, grab a Deluxe Piper Brew Kit or a Deluxe Boba Tea Kit! Every deluxe kit includes a dripper, this drip stand, and all the brewing supplies you need to become a tea pro.

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