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Old Fashioned Birthday Cake Pound Bag - 190 servings

Old Fashioned Birthday Cake Pound Bag - 190 servings

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Eloquent Earl Grey Frosted with Lavender & Vanilla.

“This blend is so decadent. It’s quite a smooth flavor and somehow sweet (pure magic how you managed that!). The touch of lavender with the bergamot is divine. My preference for black tea is to be served hot, but this one is a treat cold as well. No need for any sweeteners.”
– Bethany 

This massive, 1-pound bag of loose leaf will make you over 190 servings of tea, 1 teaspoon at a time. If you brew batches of concentrate, you’ll be able to make over 300 servings! This bag is an excellent path suited best for the truly tea-obsessed.

Keep the bag sealed tight in a dry place and your loose leaf will be fresh and delicious for years!

Ingredients: Ceylon Black Tea, Lavender, Organic Vanilla Flavor, Corn Flowers, Bergamot
Brew at 212 degrees for 3.5 minutes

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Customer Reviews

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J Wilson
My Favorite

Old Fashioned Birthday Cake is my favorite Earl Grey blend. I start every morning with a steaming cup! I ordered the one pound bag so I don't worry about running out of this lovely smooth tea blend.

Birthday Cake

My favorite tea! It has a natural sweetness (not actual sweetener or anything) and delicacy to it that is different than a typical bitter, strong, pungent lavender early grey or something. The vanilla makes this such a treat.