A beautiful glass dispenser of caffeinated iced tea. Next to it sits a Piper & Leaf quart mason jar, full of ice and ready to be filled.

Caffeinated Iced Tea

Caffeinated Iced Tea Instead of Coffee?

Are you in need of an afternoon pick-me-up but don’t want the coffee jitters? If so, perhaps it's time to swap over to a caffeinated iced tea!

Caffeinated iced tea is the perfect drink for a hot afternoon to get the boost you need to finish your day strong, without the jarring intensity of a coffee or energy drink.

Which type of tea is perfect for you? Learn more about nutritional benefits, the caffeine content of black and green teas, and our favorite tea blend. Then pick out the perfect tea for your next iced pitcher!

A Glimpse at Nutritional Value

Not only can tea be your source of caffeine, but it can also be a good source of nutrition! Teas can be a great source of hydration. Plus they contains lots of antioxidants that can help keep your body healthy!

Tea blends can offer even more nutritional value from their added fruits and herbs. For example, an adaptogen blend contains more health benefits than you can get from a straight black tea. If you're looking for a healthy tea, take a look at some blends and their ingredients so you can find the perfect tea for you!

Our Caffeinated Iced Teas

Piper & Leaf offers a wide variety of caffeinated blends so you can find the perfect flavors for your delicious iced tea. Discover our favorite options for black tea blends, green tea, and more! Then make your perfect iced tea pitcher.

All the teas at Piper & Leaf “are made with ingredients straight from the garden, farm, forest, and briar patch.” All this to say, Piper & Leaf has several all-natural, tasty, and energizing teas that can solve your sluggish afternoon problem! Try a refreshing tea from Piper & Leaf and enjoy the perfect boost of energy.

We also offer a unique seasonal blend called Springdrop Spritzer. This one is only available during the short months of spring! Springdrop Spritzer contains a light green tea with a bold herbal blend of rosemary, lemon, cardamom, and peppermint.

In addition to our delectable green teas, we also offer a milk oolong citrus blend called Capri Cream. This tea is creamy, yet fruity and is (of course) caffeinated.

How Oolongs Are Different

The process for creating oolong tea is similar to black tea.The leaves begin to ferment and oxidize. Like green tea, however, the leaves are lightly heated before they complete this process!

This results in partially oxidized leaves that create a delicious brew. Because of this, oolong teas have a stronger taste than a green tea, yet less caffeine than a black tea.

The milk oolong in our Capri Cream was heated with steamed milk. This gives the tea a creamy texture which pairs nicely with the persimmons and citrus for a pop of fruity flavor.

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