It starts with the farmers.

We work directly with nearby farmers to provide delicious, fresh produce. Peaches, apples, beets, figs, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and lots of different herbs are sourced right here in north Alabama. This is what gives our blends such vibrant and refreshing flavors!

North Alabama is not known for its tea growing capabilities, so we go to the experts in the countries where its cultivation has been perfected. Sri Lanka, India, China, Japan, and Africa are where most of our teas originate. We search for exquisite teas of high quality with complementary flavors to the fresh fruits, roots, and herbs we blend in.

We wash, chop, dry, blend, and pack

During prime growing seasons, farmers drop off their crops to our processing center at Lowe Mill Arts Center in Huntsville AL, where we start the chopping and drying process. Over three years, our operation has changed and grown quickly to adapt to the ever increasing amount of produce needed for our teas. Things are always in a state of constant improvements and experiments as we experiment with new and better methods to capture all the delicious flavors each fruit, root, berry, and herb holds.

We sell it

In a growing area around North Alabama, you can experience our tea first hand at our shops, farmers markets, and other special events we attend every week.

We also wholesale our tea to a growing number of retail shops and cafes, so check out our location finder here to see if someone near you carries our tea.

And of course, you can purchase it right here online. While you’re here, check out our tea subscriptions: they make great gifts for every tea lover in your life, including you!